The Bakery

There are a many stories surrounding the history of moon cakes and there relation to the Chinese Lunar Festival. During September, when the moon is in its apex, and shining its brightest, Chinese people around the world gather to celebrate the Autumn harvest and eat delicious Mooncake. The most common cakes are filled with lotus seed paste or red bean paste. More recent styles are now made with mixed nuts, dates, pineapple, and different meats. Another interesting feature about moon cakes is the salted duck egg yolks you can find, baked whole, in the middle of the cakes. They are said to represent the different phases of the moon, so cakes will have up to four or sometimes five yolks! The yolks can be an acquired taste, but don't be afraid to try them, you may be surprised. So, what are Mooncakes? Mooncakes are made from old recipes, and are generally difficult to make. Kee Wah Bakery has been making Mooncakes and other pastries for more then 100 years. Fresh pastries are the hallmark of Kee Wah, and the quality shows in everything they create. Moon cakes and wedding cakes are made daily, so you know when you order online, you get the freshest cakes, made with the highest quality ingredients.